Fellowship artist profile: Larry McNeil (Tlingit/ Nisgaá)

by Eiteljorg Museum | Jun 06, 2012
Larry Tee Harbor Jackson McNeil (Tlingit / Nisgaá)
Boise, Idaho

Larry Tee Harbor Jackson McNeil has exhibited his work throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and New Zealand.  Among other honors, McNeil is a 2006 recipient of the National Geographic All Roads Project Award. “I have been working on this fly by night mythology work for quite sometime now. It started out as a look at our Tlingit traditional stories with Raven the Changeling and Trickster playing the protagonist,” says the artist. “Some of the early work was about Raven having a conversation with Chief Pontiac of the Ottawa and musing about why George Washington is revered as an icon father of our country and Chief Pontiac has essentially become a car name, especially after Chief Pontiac defeated Washington and the British in a battle defending their homeland against the foreign invaders. I was striving to make a piece that was iconic and larger than life…”
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