Fellowship artist profile: Gerald Clarke (Cahuilla)

by Eiteljorg Museum | Jun 06, 2012
Gerald Clarke (Cahuilla)
Mixed media
Anza, California

“I’m a California Indian, one part traditionalist, one part Disneyland. I want my work to express the passion, pain, and reverence I feel as a contemporary Native person,” says Gerald Clarke, whose mixed media work has been exhibited throughout the United States and in Europe. The artist adds, “My ultimate goal as an artist is to give Indian culture back the humanity which has been taken from it by stereotypes created over the past five centuries. Neither the super-shaman nor the drunken-Indian do anything to convey what we as a people feel. In my work, I look for the unconventional beauty one finds only in TRUTHS. It celebrates, it mourns and it outshines all else. I feel that craftsmanship is the highest of virtues. It conveys pride, respect and authority. I have no chosen or recognizable visual style. My style is in the approach.”
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