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Quest for the West artist Karin Hollebeke

by The Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art | Oct 04, 2016

Hollebeke 2016

Karin Hollebeke

Born 1949 in Wolfsburg, Germany; lives in Vernal, Utah

Tall Tales Retold
2016, oil, 24 x 30 inches

The wagon was the cowboy’s home away from home. It was the center around which trail drives and roundups operated during a time when fences were few and grass was free. As evening falls, the men gather around the fire and time is spent yarning tales, when surprising wit is revealed in the most reluctant cowhands who have played the strong and silent part all day. The campfire seems to kindle the humorous twist of mind, and the expressiveness unique to the cowboy’s speech reveals itself. Stories may run from the eloquent to the nonsensical, perhaps Tall Tales Retold.

A WESTERN PAINTER and sculptor for more than thirty years, Hollebeke lives, paints, and ranches in Utah. There she experiences a frontier lifestyle as exciting as her paintings, which depict events in the Old West. She finds that ranching life helps her capture authentic details in her dramatic scenes.

Hollebeke first became interested in art while in her teens. After her family moved from Germany to El Paso, Texas, she learned about ranch life firsthand, an experience that sparked her interest in Western art.

To pursue her interest in sculpture, Hollebeke studied with sculptor Ed Fraughton, an opportunity she describes as “learning the basics from the best.” Tom Lovell, another veteran Western artist, influenced her painting style. She found his candor “devastating” but found that his advice helped her find her own style, which has earned her international recognition.

Gallery Representation

The Legacy Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona, and Jackson, Wyoming

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