Images of Kendra Tagoona and Charlotte Qamaniq
Kendra Tagoona & Charlotte Qamaniq (Inuit)
Throat Singing - An Inuit Art Form

Photo of Kendra Tagoona and Charlotte QamaniqKendra Tagoona and Charlotte Qamaniq are performers of the Inuit art of throat singing.  Each learned throat singing because they have a strong interest in their Inuit culture and a desire to keep the traditions alive.  During their visit at the Eiteljorg Museum, they performed many times and shared a great deal about traditional Inuit culture and their experiences as Inuits living in Ottawa, Ontario in Canada.

Throat singing is an art form that developed among Inuit women as an entertainment during the long periods of time when the men were away hunting.  Two women sing together as a game, one leading and the other following close behind.  In imitation of animals and other natural sounds, they  use sounds from their throats along with vocal singing in many entertaining songs.

Kendra Tagoona and Charlotte Qamaniq's residency was supported by grants from the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust and the National Endowment for the Arts.
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