Images of David Moses Bridges working on a birch bark wigwam
David Moses Bridges (Passamaquoddy)
Beauty and Utility from Birch Bark

Photo of David Moses BridgesDavid Moses Bridges has found a life-long passion in working with birch bark as a means of artistic expression and as a way to continue the traditions of his Passamaquoddy culture.  He has learned to use this amazing material to make canoes in the traditional way.  And during the month of his stay at the Eiteljorg Museum, he created a traditional birch bark wigwam that will remain at the museum for the public to experience.

The process begins with harvesting the birch bark and other natural materials needed, such as spruce roots and cedar.  From there, many skills are brought into play to build and decorate objects of beauty and utility.  David’s talents as an educator are signifcant among these skills.  He shares his knowledge in a compelling way and makes clear the value of the traditions he has embraced.

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David Bridges' residency was supported by a grant from the Ford Foundation.
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