Greg Kelsey, Walkara: Hawk of the Mountains, 2011 Daniel Smith, Stillwater Crossing, 2011 Charles Marion Russell, Crippled but Still Coming (A Dangerous Cripple), 1913 Albert Bierstadt, A Halt in the Yosemite, 1870 Frederic Sackrider Remington, The Wicked pony, 1898 Frederic Sackrider Remington, The Bronco Buster, 1895 Charles Schreyvogel, Off for Town, 1902 Henry Francois Farny, Indians Moving Camp, 1898 Howard Terpning, Blessing from the Medicine Man, 2001 Wilson Hurley, October Suite, Grand Canyon, 1991 Nicolai Ivanovich Fechin, Pietro Alfred Jacob Miller, Bartering for a Bride (The Trapper's Bride), 1845 George Carlson, Of One Heart, 1978 Olaf Carl Wieghorst, Cutting Horse - The Roper Joseph Henry Sharp, Wild Plum Blossoms Georgia O'Keeffe, Red Hills Beyond Abiquiu, 1931 Thomas Hill, A Rest in the Yosemites Ernest Martin Hemmings, The Twins, ca. 1923 William Penhallow Henderson, Penitente Funeral, 1920 Maynard Dixon, The Cow Country (No Trail), 1938 Catherine Carter Critcher, Pueblo Family, 1928 Ernest Leonard Blumenschein, The Plasterer, 1921 Kenneth Miller Adams, The Dry Ditch, 1964 Eanger Irving Couse, The Wedding, 1924
Western Continuing Exhibitions
The Eiteljorg Museum dedicates two of its galleries to Western art from the museum’s collection. Throughout its long history, the American West has been a place of diverse peoples, places, artistic styles, and perspectives. The paintings, drawings and sculpture contained within these galleries highlight many different artistic visions of the West, and explore the ways in which Western art represents the variety of Western experiences. The Western galleries are as diverse as the region itself. From the early explorer-artists of the mid-19th century to the contemporary traditional realist painters of today, Native and non-Native artists from around North America and from around the world have worked in a variety of styles to draw, paint, and sculpt the West as they have seen and experienced it.

The Art of the American West gallery offers a broad survey of 20th century art of the West, from commercial illustrations by early 20th century painters to introspective abstractions by the modernists who followed, all drawn by the promise of adventure, romance, and ideal subjects. The Taos Society of Artists was a favorite of the museum’s founder, Harrison Eiteljorg, and the collection is a core part of the museum and this gallery.

The Gund Gallery of Western Art showcases the collection of historic Western art assembled by Cleveland businessman George Gund (1888-1966) and his family. The collection was gifted to the Eiteljorg Museum in 2002, and includes masterworks by artists such as Frederic Remington, Charles M. Russell, Alfred Jacob Miller, and William R. Leigh.
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