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  • Welcome Kenaja Reaves | Our IPS Intern

    by Kenaja Reaves, Eiteljorg communications and marketing intern | Jan 30, 2015

    Kenaja in new art - Eva Lake print
    I love the way the colors come together in this Eva Lake print called Sky Over Casino. This is my favorite piece in the museum.
    Sky Over Casino,
    Lithograph, edition 4/14
    30x30 inches

    My first week at the Eiteljorg as a high school intern in the communications and  marketing department was amazing! My first day was fun and very welcoming.  I was excited when I found out I was getting my own little office space. When I first walked inside the cubicle there was a big sign that read “Welcome Kenaja Reaves!” 

    Kenaja with rabbit fur
    Examining rabbit fur.
    Kenaja with sunglasses

    I also got to meet all the employees and got a chance to hear what they do. The best part of my meet and greet time was getting the chance to meet the President and CEO of the Eiteljorg, Mr. John Vanausdall. Later the marketing team treated me to a better-than-delicious “Quesadilla of the Day” at the Museum Café. Seriously, that lunch made may tastebuds say, “Ooooh!”

    During my first week I began entering over 11,000 zip codes into an Excel spreadsheet. My work will help show the Eiteljorg where a lot of the museum visitors come from. I'm also learning about blogging, what PR and marketing people do and how a museum uses social media platforms to tell its story.

    Kenaja in JR
    A few days before Jingle Rails closed I got to take a picture with a local celebrity. Tracy Forner, from “Indy Style” stopped by to tour the exhibit.  

    I also got the chance to explore the museum. My first stop was Jingle Rails: The Great Western Adventure of course! This was the best part. The Jingle Rails display was beautiful and gave me a lot to look at. In fact, everything in Jingle Rails was made out of natural materials like sticks, leaves and dried fruit - which made it even more fascinating. I also enjoyed watching others look at this imaginative display as well. I look forward to working with everyone here at the Eiteljorg so that I can have the greatest experience possible.  

    Can't wait to see the Gold! exhibit when it opens!


  • We couldn't do it without them | Eiteljorg volunteers to be recognized tonight

    by Eiteljorg director of museum collections Amy McKune, festivals and markets manager Jaq Nigg and vice president of development Susie Maxwell | Apr 09, 2014

    In honor of National Volunteer Recognition Week, the Eiteljorg is recognizing our volunteers with a wonderful dinner tonight. Tonight's private event will focus on the impact and power of volunteerism as an integral aspect of their civic involvement. Two very special Eiteljorg Museum family members will receive special recognition tonight. They are Claire Quimby and Rosie Steinmetz.

    Claire Quimby racked up the most hours as an Eiteljorg intern for 2013 at a whopping 496.5 hours.  As festivals and markets intern, Claire assisted with the planning of the 2013 Indian Market & Festival. She sharpened her communication skills talking with artists and vendors on the phone, her research and writing skills creating blog posts, and her crafting skills laminating all of the paper.   In the fall, Claire was awarded a Clowes Fellowship by the Indiana University Purdue University Museum Studies Program.  As the Clowes Fellow, Claire has become an integral member of the Eiteljorg’s collections department, helping with such essential skills as creating customized storage mounts and boxes for Hopi Katsina carvings and Inuit stone and ivory carvings; downloading environmental data to help monitor the museum’s temperature and humidity; and unpacking and repacking art loaned to the Eiteljorg for the Quest for the West™ exhibition and the 2013 Eiteljorg Contemporary Art Fellowship.

    Rosie Steinmetz is the top Eiteljorg volunteer with 282.25 hrs for 2013.

    Rosie Steinmetz, “volunteer extraordinaire,” plays such a vital role for the development team.  Although she started volunteering for the museum in 2009, she really hit her stride in 2012 when she became a permanent volunteer for the development team.  Rosie does anything and everything we ask her to do …. with a smile!  She helps with preparations for special events, does research for the department, works on membership renewals, fulfills donation requests for outside organizations (and we get an average of 5 requests each day!), serves on the Eagle Committee and the Gala Committee and is a prize sponsor for Quest for the West and Indian Market and Festival.  She is very involved outside the museum, so we are most pleased and happy that she has chosen the Eiteljorg as one of her priorities. 

    Congratulations Claire, Rosie and all the many volunteers who help make the Eiteljorg one of the most special places to be in downtown Indianapolis.


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