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  • Deinstalling Motorcycles

    by User Not Found | Aug 14, 2012

    Big changes are underway at the Eiteljorg!  August 5 was the last day for Steel Ponies.  The special exhibits gallery will be closed for a few weeks as we prepare for the 7th annual edition of Quest for the West. 


    Last week all 23 motorcycles left the gallery to travel back to their homes.  You might be wondering how they are making the trip. 


    First, we used specially built ramps to roll the motorcycles down off the display platforms.



    Several came from museums and were packed into gigantic crates like this one:


    This high-tech crate came complete with a ramp to roll the motorcycle into place.  Here is a view of the inside before it was packed:


    Museum Registrar Kelly Carter looks over packing instructions for the Evel Knievel motorcycle on loan from the Smithsonian Institution – National Museum of American History


    Some of the motorcycles came from local lenders such as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum and Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson.  These lenders came to pick up their motorcycles themselves and loaded them onto trailers.


    Senior Exhibit Specialist Belinda Cozzy helps the Harley-Davidson guys push their 1929 bike with double-wide sidecar onto their trailer.


    Most of the remaining motorcycles were shipped with a specialized motorcycle shipper.  They have a customized shipping platform that keeps the motorcycles safe and secure during transport.  I forgot to take a picture of the motorcycles all lined up on the truck strapped to their platforms, but I promise you it was quite a sight.  You can read all about the platforms and learn how to ship your own motorcycle here.

    By Kelly Rushing Carter, registrar

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  • Steel Ponies brings new friends to the fold

    by User Not Found | Jul 25, 2012

    My job affords me the opportunity to work with some pretty remarkable, community-minded companies and individuals. As Steel Ponies comes to a close (August 5) and we begin to report on the exciting successes, I am reminded of the great new friends we’ve made through this exhibition. In addition to attracting new audiences, we welcomed several corporate sponsors that we had not worked with previously like Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson.

    In October 2012, Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson will celebrate its 65th Anniversary. Through the decades and four generations of the Schulteti Family, the company has operated out of two locations outfitting countless customers with beautiful motorcycles and gear. We are excited to have the opportunity to celebrate Southside’s anniversary with them in 2012 and appreciate their willingness to loan the Eiteljorg one of their bikes for our special exhibition – a 1929 Harley-Davidson Model JDH with a double-wide side car.  

    The JDH, known as the Two-Cam Harley, was advertised as the “fastest model ever,” with a top speed of 85 to 100 mph. It was the first Harley-Davidson with the appearance of a modern motorcycle featuring larger fenders and gas tank. New for 1929 were twin headlights. In 1929, 10,000 74-cubic-inch JDs were produced, yet probably less than 100 of these very special H models were ever built. Come see this beautiful bike at the Eiteljorg before August 5!

    Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson would like to extend a very special invitation – they hope to see you for their 4th Annual Night Before the Indy Mile Race Party on Friday, August 17 from 2 – 8 pm. Click for more information. 

    Katie Lineweaver Robinson, corporate contributions manager
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