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My First Indian Market and Festival | Perspective from a 20-Something

by By: Kirstin Brueckmann | Jun 26, 2014
My experience at the Eiteljorg’s 22nd Indian Market & Festival was wonderful!

Honestly, I had never heard of this event before and I’ve lived in Indianapolis for my entire life but I’m so glad that I was able to make it out this weekend. I’m always interested in going to art and cultural events in the city so it was very cool to find a new one. The overall atmosphere of the event was so friendly and inviting! It was a beautiful day to be downtown walking around. Although a lot of the art is out of my price range, it is all absolutely stunning and unique. I really enjoyed walking around in the tents and talking to some of the different artists about their pieces. I especially enjoyed catching a little bit of Scatter Their Own’s set in the performance tent. It’s so cool how much variety there is at the event!
One of my absolute favorite parts was all of the food trucks. I had the Das Fritz sandwich from Der Pretzel Wagen and it was absolutely delicious. I would definitely recommend Indian Market & Festival to my friends and family because I think more people in Indy need to realize how cool of an event it is.
After Indian Market I also walked over to the museum and explored the exhibits a little bit. Seriously, the Eiteljorg rocks. Everyone should make a point of heading over to the museum sometime this summer.

Kirstin Brueckmann, age 21 
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