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by Jaq Nigg | Aug 02, 2012

by Deborah Kish, volunteer services manager


Introducing, Ginger, possibly the most loved (spoiled) Australian Labradoodle ever. Her favorite activities are riding in convertibles, receiving treats, chasing rabbits and squirrels, and representing the Eiteljorg Museum out in the community.

She loves to receive the attention of the Eiteljorg staff at our league softball games. She is an intimidating presence in her “Eiteljorg Pooch” uniform (complete with suede fringe) and she happily cheers on our runners from the sidelines. Says development manager and former coach, Sally Dickson, “Unlike the Curse of Chicago’s Billy Goat, Ginger has brought us good luck, inspiration and that happy-dog like wonder of believing that the whole world is our fire hydrant and that we can win a World Series!  Go Eiteljorg!’  Eiteljorg president and CEO and softball team member John Vanausdall adds, “You know what they say about the affects of dogs on people – and it is true!  We feel better about ourselves when she is around and as a result, we really gel as a team. A winning team!”

But cheerleader is only part of her responsibilities as the Eiteljorg mascot, she also recruits volunteers. Once when the museum had a display table on the Circle for an event, she jumped right up on the table – which she had never done before – so that she could personally welcome guests with a shake and to offer information about volunteering.



  1. 3 Paula 14 Aug
    What a GREAT marketing tool (dog) to use this photo interacting with people on behalf of the Eiteljorg!
  2. 2 Pete 13 Aug
    What a great dog!
  3. 1 Karen 02 Aug
    Hey Ginger!
    Can I have your paw-tograph before you become too famous?!


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