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Eiteljorg Roundup: Indian Market & Festival

by User Not Found | Jun 20, 2012

This week's question for the Eiteljorg staff:
What is your favorite part of Indian Market and Festival? Or – if this is your first IM&F – what are you most looking forward to?

Please tell us in the comments what your favorite parts of Indian Market and Festival are.

Belinda Cozzy, senior exhibit specialist
My favorite thing about Indian Market is seeing all my friends that I’ve made over the past ten markets and all the cool new artwork that they’ll be bringing. It’s wonderful to talk to them on the phone, Facebook and text, but there’s nothing like seeing them face-to-face. I love it. Oh yeah, and spending time with my coworkers afterwards.


Kelly Rushing Carter, registrar
My favorite part of Indian Market and Festival happens on Friday afternoon when we return the art to the artists after judging. All the pieces that win awards are displayed at the Preview Party that evening. I love when I get to tell artists that I have nothing to return to them because everything they entered won a prize!


Jaq Nigg, festivals and markets manager
Indian Market and Festival is my favorite time of the year, which is good since I’m in charge of putting it together. I love everything: the artists, performances, Indian tacos, being outside and having fun with other Eiteljorg staff. The weekend is the culmination of a yearlong effort. I try to stay in-the-moment to make sure to enjoy everything–even the stress–because it will soon be over and I’ll be back inside at my desk planning for next year before I know it.


Sue Thompson, admissions assistant
Actually I have two favorite things about Indian Market. I always look forward to the storytelling. It’s a great opportunity to hear some really awesome tellers and get ideas for my own stories. Also, I love the Indian tacos. Yummy!

Lezlie Laxton, human resources manager
There are so many aspects of the event that are fun to see–the art, artists, music, food, workers and guests. It’s hard to pinpoint one of these as being my favorite, although the Kettle Corn might get extra points based on smell alone. The thing that strikes me more than anything is just the energy of the event. Starting with employees and volunteers bustling to get the tents put together so the artists can set up their booths, it seems that people are always on the move. Even when the lines for food move slower at times, there are conversations and movement flowing around the park.


Lisa Watt, festivals and markets coordinator
Since I work behind the scenes planning Indian Market and Festival, my favorite part is selection, which takes place in February. I get a preview of the art – we look at over 1,200 slides – so I have months of anticipation before the artists even arrive. During selection, we bring in experts in the field of Native American art and I try to absorb as much information as I can from them. 


Matt Askren, visitor experience manager/accounting assistant
I look forward to talking with Michael Horse. He’s so cool! What else are my faves? Eating the Buffalo Burger from the food vendors, the music, Mary Tafoya’s jewelry and people watching.


Ashley Holland, assistant curator of contemporary art
My favorite part of Indian Market and Festival is all of the artists and their wonderful art! I love catching up with artists and seeing how much their children have grown over the past year. My second favorite part is how the museum comes together and works to make such a great event. I always end up getting to know my co-workers better and that is an awesome side effect of the event!


Sarah Bean, director of rentals, catering and café
One of my many favorite moments of Indian Market is when we open on Saturday morning. The excitement builds all morning as final preparations are put in place and artists finish setting up their booths. Jaq announces on the radio, “Indian Market is officially OPEN,” and visitors and buyers flood into the park. But nothing beats the stories and camaraderie that are shared at the post market staff party in the museum’s Hawthorne Grove. Some of my favorite memories have been made while sitting at a worn picnic table, eating pizza and drinking a cold beer with good friends.


Mary Ann Clifford, merchandise operations assistant
My first and only Indian Market so far was last year. I enjoyed many aspects of the market – the music, the artists, the beautiful jewelry, the energy, the people who attended – that I am hard pressed to choose a favorite. What I’m looking forward to this year is seeing all the gorgeous jewelry. What can I say? I love jewelry! I particularly enjoy meeting the artists who create the jewelry and take such pride in their work. I purchased a pendant last year and will most likely find a piece I can not live without this year as well. 


Eric Hinkle, education services coordinator
 enjoy seeing some of the artists that I have developed a relationship or acquaintance with. Some of them have been here as an Artist-in-Residence which makes it even more fun. I also particularly enjoy the musical groups who color outside the lines of traditional Native American music. My thrill is art and music that is informed and influenced by tradition but not bound to traditional forms.


Martha Hill, vice president for public programs/visitor experience
There are so many good things about Indian Market and Festival that it’s kind of hard to pick a favorite. I love seeing artist friends return each year and catching up with them and their families. But when it comes right down to it, the best part for me is seeing the entire staff really working together to pull off this huge event. Yes, it’s hard work and sometimes it’s 90+ degrees out there, and none of us is getting any younger (thank goodness for interns), but it warms my heart to see everyone working together for one purpose (and almost always smiling along the way).


Alisa Nordholt-Dean, public programs coordinator
My favorite part about IM&F is being a part of the judging machine on Friday. From my typical position as an “artwork accepter,” I get to see (and ogle silently over) each artist’s best work before the market even starts! It’s wonderful to see old friends walk through the door with new pieces they’ve worked hard on for months and at the same time have the opportunity to meet new artists and be introduced to their work.


Sally Dickson, development manager
Favorite part:  Sunday after-party.


Mint Evans, sales associate – store
This is my first Indian Market and Festival. I am looking forward to meeting the artists.


Sheila Jackson, membership manager
I was a newbie last year at Indian Market and Festival and the stress of a new job somewhat prohibited me from relaxing and getting a good feel for the weekend. This time around, I’m looking forward to taking the time to peruse the gorgeous jewelry more. I'm excited to relax a bit and enjoy!


Taylor Jeromos, festivals interns/sales associate – store
Though I love the fantastic art, the great music and the atmosphere of Indian Market, the one thing that draws me back, year after year, is the lavender lemonade. The only place I ever drink it is market (both for lack of initiative to make it and desire to keep it special). It’s a wonderful drink for walking around on a hot day, and it’s delicious. I recommend it to anyone who likes lemonade – it’s a great twist on a classic.

Kitty Jansen, librarian
My favorite part of Indian Market is getting to talk to the artists, especially the returning ones that you develop friendships with over the years–and buy work from. Some of them I also see later again at the Indian Market in Santa Fe in August, and we compare notes. My other favorite part is the food! Who doesn't love food? The tamales are out of this world and perfect with a dessert of Indian fry bread with strawberries.


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