Jody Naranjo (Santa Clara Pueblo)
Individuality of Expression from a Strong Tradition

Jody Naranjo comes from a long line of artists.  She started working with clay early in her life, learning from her mother, grandmother and aunts.  She also comes from the native tradition of the Santa Clara Pueblo.  The Pueblan people have had the unusual advantage of remaining on their original lands so there was less interruption of their culture during periods of great change.   Jody works within the strong tradition created by these aspects of her life.

Learning to work with clay and approach her art from within this tradition has given her work a strong base.  But she has also worked to create her own individuality and this has been an important part of her success.  She uses traditional techniques combined with designs that are unique to her life and ideas.  In this way, too, she carries on the tradition.

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Jody Naranjo's residency was supported by grants from the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust and the National Endowment for the Arts.
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